The Top 8 Best Drum Gloves || Drumming To Protect Our Hands

By Evan C


Vic Firth Drumming Gloves

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

With premium cabretta leather and strategically-placed rubber grips, these ventilated gloves will relax your grip while providing excellent support for your technique and hands!

Zildjian Touchscreen Drummer Gloves

Overall Rating: 4/5

These gloves will give you fantastic benefits for any performance and keep you cool as air flows well through the ventilated mesh, all while you use your phone effortlessly. 

Tama Drummer Gloves

Overall Rating: 3/5

Achieve perfect dexterity with your chops, feeling any dynamics, while your hands stay dry, with these gloves that are super comfortable!

The 8 Best Drum Gloves

  1. Vic firth drumming gloves
  2. Zildjian touch screen drummer’s gloves
  3. Tama Drummer’s gloves
  4. Promark drum gloves 
  5. Vater drum gloves 
  6. Ahead drum gloves 
  7. Meinl Drummer gloves
  8. Meinl half finger drummer gloves 

The Ultimate In Best Drum Gloves

Are you tired of your sticks slipping and looking for the best drum gloves? Well, if you are, it’s one of those drum accessories you can’t refuse to ignore. Plenty of choices exist for you!

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What Gives With Drum Gloves?

With plenty of professional drummers like Stewart Copeland, Phil Rudd, Dave Grohl, Carter Beauford, and more using drum gloves, it’s no surprise to the drumming community that assistance is really helpful with preventing hand fatigue and loose sticks. Let’s dive into why these are the best drumming gloves!

Drum Gloves Explained

1. Vic Firth Drumming gloves

Does VicFirth make the best drum gloves with these?

Experience enhanced stick control and a secure grip with the Vic Firth Drummers’ Gloves. Not only do they offer protection against scrapes during onstage drum kit setup, but they also provide optimal comfort.

The palms feature a combination of premium cabretta leather and synthetic mesh, ensuring excellent ventilation without compromising grip.

Rubber grips strategically placed on the thumb and forefinger effortlessly enhance your control over the drumsticks.

Trusted by drummers everywhere, these Vic Firth Drummers’ Gloves are an excellent option to improve your drumming technique while safeguarding your hands during setup.

Drummers have said these gloves help relax the intensity of their grip and that they are so thin they allow for stick feel, so they aren’t too bulky.

They also prevent blisters. A complaint I’ve heard is that they run a bit small. Another complaint I’ve heard is the potential for the little sticky nubs on the fingers to fall off over time.

I have these gloves and like the way they don’t hinder my playing. They are comfortable and absorb the shock, but also provide stability to my hands/wrists so I don’t worry about those limbs being sore from playing.

I tend to deal with wrist pain and even with proper stretching and playing, these gloves are helping me. These are the best drum gloves in my opinion.


  • Relax the intensity of your grip and play longer
  • Thin to allow for stick feel
  • Prevents blisters


  • Run a bit small
  • Potential for the finger grips to come off over time

2. Zildjian touch screen drummer’s gloves

Zildjian touch screen drummer's gloves

Achieve superior stick control while keeping your hands protected with Zildjian’s Touchscreen Drummers’ Gloves! Designed for modern drummers, these gloves offer a unique blend of hand protection and convenience.

The thumb and pointer fingers are touchscreen-compatible, allowing you to seamlessly use your phone or tablet without removing your gloves.

No more hassle of taking off your gloves to change songs or answer calls! Soft lambskin palm and synthetic mesh backs provide a comfortable and ventilated feel, ensuring a secure grip.

Using drumming gloves not only enhances your drumming performance and safeguards your hands during setup (like the previous one we discussed), but you can also hide and text once you’re done setting up.

Avoid responsibility and invest in a pair of Zildjian drum gloves with touchscreen capability for unmatched comfort and compatibility you can depend on.

These are definitely some of the best drum gloves. Drummers have said they like how light weight these are.

It also has air to move around so your hands won’t get too hot and you can use your phone really well with these. A complaint I’ve heard is they have weak stitching around the fingers, so there could be a potential for signs of tear there.

I haven’t used these, but have always heard really good things about them (for the most part). I do personally trust Zildjian products and have always have great experiences with them in the past, however.


  • Super light weight
  • Touch screen is really easy to navigate with these on


  • Potential for weak stitching in the finger area

3. Tama Drummer’s gloves

Tama drummer gloves

When you’re rocking out on stage, anyone who is a drummer can understand that sweaty hands can wreak havoc on your grip, making your hands slippery and putting your sticks at risk of flying mid-drum solo.

Not a good look, right? I’ve had it happen, it’s no bueno. That’s why Tama has designed these drummer’s gloves specifically with hard-hitting, gigging drummers in mind. Trust me, I feel your pain.

Crafted from extra-soft and long-lasting synthetic leather, Tama drummer gloves ensure that your hands stay dry, providing a dependable grip even in the most intense situations.

These gloves are not only sweat-proof but also designed to withstand various wet conditions, such as rain-soaked outdoor festivals.

Plus, the stretch mesh material on top allows your hands to breathe, ensuring comfort throughout the entire gig.

With Tama drummer gloves, you can keep your grip secure and perform at your best, no matter how intense the stage or weather conditions may be.

Drummers have said these gloves fit skin-tight, but aren’t too tight, which gives you perfect dexterity while using your sticks.

They are also very comfortable and I’ve heard fit well. A complaint I’ve heard is they could potentially start to rip between the finger wells.

I haven’t used these, but Tama is a brand I always have trusted for my drum hardware. I’ve also purchased drums from them and can attest to their sturdiness.

I’ll tell you, I’m not as familiar with their gloves, but I wouldn’t turn down Tama to at least give these a try. I would consider these also some of the best drum gloves, just because Tama is great.


  • Great skin-tight feel which provides perfect dexterity
  • Very comfortable and fit well


  • Potential for rip between the finger wells

4. Promark Drum Gloves

Promark drum gloves

Discover the exceptional features of Pro-Mark drum gloves, expertly crafted from a thin-cut Cabretta leather.

These gloves are designed with precision, incorporating eight strategically placed pads for an unparalleled and excellent grip.

With four pads on the fingers and three on the palm, your control over the drumsticks will be greatly enhanced.

To extend the lifespan of the gloves, Pro-Mark has added extra padding in key areas such as the thumbprint, fingertips, and knuckles, which effectively slows down the wearing-through process.

The gloves also feature breathable mesh on the top of the fingers and the backside of the hand, reducing perspiration and keeping your hands comfortable.

The Velcro closing strap ensures a secure fit without impeding wrist motion, offering the flexibility to adjust the tightness and even provide additional wrist support.

These gloves are designed with “pre-rotated” fingers, a technology developed by a renowned hand surgeon, which aids in promoting the natural closure of the hand.

With 15 design patents, Pro-Mark drum gloves stand out as an innovative solution. They are available in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large sizes to accommodate a wide range of hand sizes.

You can easily maintain the cleanliness of these gloves by washing them with warm water and a mild detergent, followed by air drying. Experience the superior quality and performance of Pro-Mark drum gloves, trusted by drummers worldwide.

Drummers have said their movements aren’t impeded when they’re drumming with these on. They also improve your grip drastically.

A complaint I’ve heard is about the durability (hole in finger) and specifically for someone who plays heavier music.

I have these pair of gloves and feel they work really well in absorbing any impact from behind my drum set.

They also do a good job at protecting my hands due to the specially-placed pads that are dispersed throughout the gloves.

I will say that I feel my finger control is slower when I’m using these, however. It’s like a little bit of the glove trips up my technique.

Overall though, they are well worth it and they are really comfortable gloves. I don’t know if I’d call them the best drum gloves, but they absorb better impact than certain other gloves.


  • Movements don’t feel impeded for a lot of drummers
  • Excellent wrist support and improves grip


  • They may show signs of wear more quickly if you’re a hard hitter

5. Vater drum gloves 

Vater drum gloves

Experience ultimate comfort and flexibility with Vater’s innovative drummer’s gloves. Crafted with a blend of synthetic leather and a breathable mesh backing, these gloves offer exceptional ventilation and a perfect fit.

The elasticated panels on the sides of the fingers ensure optimal flexibility, allowing drummers to maintain their natural feel and sensitivity while performing.

Not only do Vater’s gloves enhance grip and improve hand protection against blisters, but they also prioritize your comfort, enabling you to play with ease and confidence.

Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to enhanced performance with Vater’s gloves for drummers. Drummers have said that these gloves look and feel great. Better control is another win for this one. A complaint I’ve heard is that they seem almost too thin.

I haven’t used these gloves, but my experience with Vater drumsticks has always been pretty good. Some of the best drum gloves from Vater is believable! They are a top dog in the stick game.


  • These gloves look and feel great
  • Better control over sticks


  • Gloves may be too thin

6. Ahead drum gloves

Ahead Drum gloves

For those who make a living playing hard rock and metal, Ahead drum gloves are an absolute necessity.

The repetitive strain on your wrists from intense drumming sessions can potentially lead to carpal tunnel syndrome in the future.

Additionally, dealing with painful blisters and embarrassing stick slips while performing barehanded is far from ideal.

Ahead drum gloves, trusted by renowned drummers like Tommy Lee and Arejay Hale, are specifically designed to withstand the demands of heavy drumming and outlast other gloves on the market.

These gloves offer exceptional durability, lasting twice as long as their counterparts. Equipped with shock-absorbing wrist supports and reinforced pads at the thumb and index finger, they ensure a rock-solid fulcrum for improved control. 

Sweetwater drummers have praised the Spandex/Lycra/thin leather construction of Ahead drum gloves, which strikes the perfect balance between a barely-there grip and optimum stick-to-hand connection.

With Ahead drum gloves, you can focus on your performance without worrying about discomfort or compromised technique, just like the professionals who rely on them.

Drummers have said the grip and feel on these gloves are satisfactory. Sensitivity is also easily attainable with these gloves. A complaint I’ve heard is potential ripping on the sides of the gloves.

I haven’t used this product, but I know Ahead makes solid merchandise and they have been a name in the drumming industry for a long time.


  • Grip and feel are satisfactory on these
  • Sensitivity isn’t hindered when drumming (dynamics)


  • Potential for the gloves to rip down the side

7. Meinl Drummer Gloves

Meinl Drum Gloves

Experience the ultimate hand protection and grip control with Meinl Drummer Gloves. Designed to shield your hands from blisters and ensure a secure hold on your drumsticks, these gloves offer a natural feel that doesn’t compromise your playing technique.

The strategically placed padded areas not only enhance durability but also provide added protection, ensuring that you can play comfortably for extended periods.

Trust in Meinl Drummer Gloves to keep your hands in optimal condition, allowing you to focus on your performance without worrying about discomfort or stick slippage.

Drummers have said these gloves are snug and that the extra padding helps your fingers not be sore from playing. A complaint I’ve heard is these may not last as long with heavy hitters. It seems like that is a common theme among drum gloves.

I haven’t used these gloves, but I’m sure they get the job done and help protect your hands.


  • Snug gloves provide a good fit
  • Padding helps take away any finger pain from playing


  • May not last long for heavy hitters

8. Meinl half finger drummer gloves 

These gloves are perfect if you want to experience ALL of the benefits of Meinl’s regular drummer gloves, but with a half-finger design.

These finger-less gloves will still shield your hands and offer you a secure grip on your sticks. The only difference is, you’re free to move your fingers without feeling completely overwhelmed. Say goodbye to stick slippage, but embrace your finger control technique while doing so!

Drummers have said these really help with hand fatigue and that they have a solid design. A complaint I’ve heard is that they may start to stretch over time and with that comes possible rips and holes.

I haven’t used these gloves either, but I think Meinl has some of the products on the market (especially cymbals), so I think they are solid, but there’s always room for improvement on any of these gloves.


  • Helps with hand fatigue
  • solid finger-less design


  • Starts stretching over time which can mean rips/holes

Best Drum Gloves Can Vary

All in all, these are some of the best gloves for drumming. Whether you are going for full gloves or the half-finger design, you’ll have great protection during your playing. 

Whether you are on a tight budget or looking to spend a little more on the best quality gloves, there is something for you in this list.

Hell, you could also use golf gloves for drumming gloves as well. Nothing on this list is do or die, but these are the most popular drum gloves currently on the market. 

I will say, most of the gloves have the same issues as far as wear and tear from heavy abuse. We are drummers and move around more than any other musicians and we are TEARING into those heads, aren’t we?!

Moving Forward, Gloves Or No?

Do you agree with the best drum gloves here? Or, do you even believe in drum gloves.. I get it, they can feel annoying.

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Until next time, stay attuned!

-Evan C.

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