Top 9 Best Metronome For Drummers: Guaranteed Metronome Buying Guide

By Evan C

Soundbrenner Pulse

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Finally, get a metronome you can actually FEEL as you play with pulses that harness the force of a robust 7G ERM motor and advanced haptic driver, the Soundbrenner Pulse generates pulsations that surpass the vibrations of typical smartphones or smartwatches by a factor of seven. The phone app has a TON of capabilities and such!

Overall Rating: 4/5

Whether you are rehearsing or at a show, you can depend on this robust metronome to pull you through your. performance. It’s super user-friendly and includes an easily visible flywheel! Weeee.. Lots of functionality in this one!

Overall Rating: 3/5

Wherever the performance, this little portable metronome will be sure to keep you on time and be barely noticeable. Nothing can be more annoying than a bulky brick taking up your space. Hone your tempo now!

The 9 Best Metronomes

1. Soundbrenner pulse 

2. Tama RW200

3. Tama RW30

4. Korg Kdm-3

5. Boss db-90 metronome

6. Boss db-30 metronome 

7. Korg MA-2

8. DeltaLab DMT-1 Digital Metronome

9. Pro metronome 

Best Metronomes Here

You may be looking into keeping time better as a musician. With that, you’re probably wondering what the best metronome for drummers is. You’ve got plenty of choices, so no worries there! 

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So Much Timekeeping.. So Little Time?

With all of these choices, you’re probably wondering what is your best option. Well, the good news is the point of a metronome is to make us a better drummer and you’ve got tons of choices! Let’s dive into what makes each one stand out.

Best Metronome For Drummers Unleashed!

We aren’t go to be going over any chromatic tuner and metronome combos, like the Kliq metropitch, for instance.

This post is all about the best metronome for drummers and so we are going to go over that perfect metronome or at least give you many choices. To develop a steady beat with your drumming, be sure to check out one of of my previous posts by clicking here!

1. Soundbrenner Pulse 

This is the Soundbrenner Pulse, the best metronome for drummers.

Mastering rhythm and cultivating one’s musical intuition relies on the fundamental practice of using a metronome. This technique is crucial not only for musicians but also for the modern recording process.

The Soundbrenner Pulse presents a tangible alternative to audible metronomes and click tracks, granting live performers and session players the ability to stay attuned (get it? 😅) to their surroundings without sacrificing timing.

Utilizing Bluetooth, the multiplayer synchronization ensures precise coordination for intricate ensemble arrangements.

Moreover, by seamlessly integrating with major DAWs (macOS exclusive), the Pulse effortlessly receives tempo tracks, guaranteeing solid drum tracks and guitar recordings.

With two included bands, one long and one short, musicians can choose to wear the Soundbrenner Pulse on either their arm or leg, providing optimal flexibility.

Harnessing the force of a robust 7G ERM motor and advanced haptic driver, the Soundbrenner Pulse generates pulsations that surpass the vibrations of typical smartphones or smartwatches by a factor of seven.

Regardless of whether you are conducting, strumming, or drumming, the Pulse’s formidable vibrations ensure unwavering precision during live performances or studio sessions.

The video below just shows how the tap function works on the Soundbrenner Pulse.

The advantage of these vibrations is that they eliminate any concern for auditory harm, distinguishing it from traditional click tracks.

The Soundbrenner Pulse offers a notable convenience as it provides direct access to all metronome features through its hardware interface.

Initiate and halt the pulse by double-tapping, activate tap tempo with a triple-tap, and effortlessly fine-tune the tempo by rotating the wheel left or right.

Naturally, the choice of where to wear the Pulse is entirely yours. With two included straps, you have the flexibility to position it on your wrist, bicep, or ankle.

To facilitate synchronized performances on stage, the Soundbrenner Pulse presents a compelling feature: Bluetooth-enabled multiplayer synchronization across multiple devices.

This means that your entire band can maintain unity, even if the drummer temporarily pauses. Furthermore, in the studio environment, the Pulse exhibits enhanced capabilities.

By utilizing Soundbrenner DAW Tools designed for macOS, your preferred digital audio workstation can seamlessly transmit intricate tempo maps directly to each musician’s Pulse, empowering precise execution.

When you connect your Pulse with the Metronome by Soundbrenner, a complimentary and advertisement-free app available for iOS and Android, you unlock an array of indispensable performance features that no musician should be without.

Within this app, you have the freedom to personalize time signatures and subdivisions, incorporating tailored accents to help you immerse yourself in your unique groove.

Once you have fine-tuned your settings, you can save these rhythms to your personal library and conveniently organize them by set list, ensuring instant access to entire concerts’ worth of tempo tracks whenever needed.

Soundbrenner Pulse on the wrist

Additionally, the app allows you to customize the LED color and vibration intensity to precisely match your preferences. Embrace a metronome experience that exceeds expectations with the Soundbrenner Pulse, available through Musician’s Friend, by clicking the button below.

Drummers have said they enjoy being able to practice without hearing an annoying tick and that the vibrations in this are powerful enough to follow along to. They also like how easy the learning curve is with this. A few complaints I’ve heard is that this product isn’t a lot without the accompanied app (due to not seeing the tempo) and that some bluetooth connectivity issues can happen.

The Soundbrenner Pulse is a great tool and the perfect drum metronome. I picked one up a few years ago and love the ease of use, as well as the unique features that are exclusive to it.

I have used it for a lot of practices and the advanced features using the app in conjunction leave no question of its capabilities.

This could be one of the best metronome for drummers in my opinion. It’s definitely a different sort of metronome than a typical one. 


  • Powerful pulses to feel your tempo out
  • Easy learning curve
  • Lots of combined capabilities between other musicians


  • Potential bluetooth connectivity
  • This device without the application doesn’t make sense by itself

2. Tama Rhythm Watch RW200

Tama RW200 metronome

The RW200 by Tama is a comprehensive solution that encompasses all the essential tools you require, while providing you with the flexibility to personalize your beat-keeping.

It serves as an excellent companion for honing your skills during solitary practice sessions and ensuring precise tempo synchronization across your band’s repertoire.

With the RW200, you can conveniently store up to 30 different tempo and beat combinations in its memory, enabling instant recall for seamless groove transitions. That’s a lot of different sounds!

To avoid monotony and add variation to your metronome experience, separate volume controls allow you to customize the emphasis on beat divisions.

The start/tap button is thoughtfully positioned for easy access, even when the RW200 is mounted on your drum kit. With its large and easily visible flywheel, you can swiftly adjust tempos and navigate through settings, while the bright backlit LCD display ensures clear visibility of vital information.

Drummers have said they love the reliability of this metronome and that it’s user friendly. It’s also got a lot of great features to help with any set list. A few complaints I’ve heard is that their could be more functions for the price and that there is a potential for a lot of unnecessary noise if ran through in-ear monitors.

I can’t confirm anything about this unit, as I’ve not used it. I do know that Tama makes solid products though and have trusted their brand for most of my drumming career.

Along with tons of gear, Tama may make the best metronome for drummers as well, with all the functionality here.


  • User friendly
  • Great features for any rehearsal, show, recording, etc.


  • Could be more function for the price and potential for noise in monitors

3. Tama Rhythm Watch RW30

Tama RW30 metronome

Another Tama RW product with the RW30, an incredibly compact Rhythm Watch Mini metronome designed exclusively with you in mind.

We know that timing holds paramount importance for drummers, regardless of whether you’re embarking on your musical journey or have years of experience under your belt.

The RW30 is the perfect companion for your solo practice sessions, band rehearsals, and high-pressure live gigs.

It ensures that even in the midst of studio sessions or live performances, where nerves tend to heighten, your tempo remains steadfast.

Trust Tama’s RW30 Rhythm Watch Mini to keep you in perfect sync, allowing you to play each beat with utmost precision. Rest assured, you won’t miss a single rhythm.

Tama integrates all the essential features you require within the RW30, empowering you with the ability to personalize your beat-keeping experience.

This versatile tool proves invaluable when honing your skills during solitary practice sessions and guarantees that you maintain the ideal tempo across your band’s entire repertoire.

The generously-sized flywheel ensures swift adjustments to the tempo (35-250 BPM), while allowing effortless navigation through your settings. Additionally, the backlit LCD display, notable for its large and vibrant design, provides clear visibility, enabling you to monitor your settings with ease.

Drummers have said they love how you can discretely wear this metronome and how it’s out of the way. It also includes an earpiece with it.

A complaint I’ve heard is of the tempo control dial not working. Another complaint is a potential for the eighth note button to not work.

I haven’t used this one either, but Tama for the win! Check out my whole post about Tama by clicking here.


  • Discretely wear this metronome
  • Includes an earpiece with it


  • Potential for tempo control dial to not work right

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4.  Korg Kdm-3

Korg kdm-3 metronome

Experience the impressive capabilities of the Korg KDM-3 digital metronome. Its outstanding performance features, coupled with a high-output onboard speaker, create a truly remarkable device.

Furthermore, its design pays homage to the beloved mechanical metronomes, appealing to both traditionalists and contemporary musicians.

Offering a broad tempo range spanning from 30 to 252 bpm, accompanied by 19 beat patterns and eight metronome sounds, this metronome caters to players across various genres, including jazz, rock, classical, and Latin music.

The tap tempo function allows musicians to easily set their desired playback speed, while the LED indicators offer visual cues during private practice sessions.

For a seamless listening experience, the metronome is equipped with a clean 1/8″ headphone output that can also connect to amplification systems for group rehearsals.

Additionally, the Korg KDM-3 provides tempo markings for tempo largo, adagio, allegro, and more, enabling musicians to achieve precise tempo control.

Enhance your practice sessions and elevate your performances with the Korg KDM-3 digital metronome!

Drummers have said the battery lasts a long time in this. It also is built pretty solid and has the novelty of a traditional metronome in mind for the design. A complaint I’ve heard is that it seems to be overpriced for the quality.

I haven’t used this metronome, but Korg has always put out some really great products! I believe Korg also makes some of the best metronome for drummers. I’ve been drumming for over 20 years and constantly have seen their metronome products out there, so they must be doing something right!


  • Long battery life
  • Built pretty solid with a traditional metronome design


  • Complaint of it being overpriced for the quality

5. Boss db-90 metronome

Boss db-90 metronome

The compact and lightweight BOSS DB-90 metronome boasts an impressive array of functions and features.

It offers a diverse selection of four exceptional metronome sounds, including the inclusion of a human voice, and provides numerous drum patterns to enhance your playing.

Enjoy the flexibility of customizing rhythms with the Note Mixing function to add delightful variety. Whether you prefer utilizing the built-in mic, MIDI input, or direct guitar input, the DB-90 caters to all your practice needs.

Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with Roland V-Pad, allowing you to leverage the Rhythm Coach function.

The DB-90 ensures user-friendly adjustments with its convenient sliders, buttons, and rotary knob, complemented by a generously-sized backlit LCD screen.

Enhance your practice sessions with the ability to craft diverse beats.

With the Note Mixing feature, you can effortlessly generate an array of beats by modulating the levels of five distinct note values. This makes it a very valuable drum machine to up your chops.

Take advantage of the convenient front-panel sliders, buttons, and a prominent rotary dial that offer immediate and tactile control over parameter adjustments.

Choose from a selection of four distinct click sounds, which even includes a human voice-counting sound to help you stay in sync with the bar.

Additionally, the DB-90 is equipped with authentic PCM drum patterns, allowing you to enhance your precision and develop a solid rhythmic sense.

Elevate your precision, speed, and stamina through the dynamic Rhythm Coach.

Unleash your rhythmic potential with the groundbreaking Rhythm Coach feature, which offers four distinct training modes meticulously designed to enhance your accuracy, speed, and endurance.

Utilize the DB-90’s built-in microphone to seamlessly engage the Rhythm Coach functions with acoustic drums, or connect a Roland V-Pad to the Trigger input for an alternate experience.

Immerse yourself in playing along with the prompts and keep track of your growth and development along the way.

Experience versatility by connecting a microphone, guitar, bass, or V-Drum pads to the DB-90!

Drummers have the option to link their Roland V-Pads or utilize the internal microphone for connectivity with the DB-90.

Guitarists and bassists can effortlessly plug directly into the DB-90, eliminating the need for additional equipment, and conveniently monitor their performance through connected headphones.

The DB-90’s extensive range of features benefits musicians of various instruments, making it a valuable tool for all.

Furthermore, for those seeking synchronization with an external sequencer to achieve a more intricate accompaniment, the DB-90 offers a MIDI input, particularly beneficial for stage performances and drummers in particular.

Drummers have said this can be used in multiple settings with ease. It’s also fun to use and really helps build your ‘timing chops’. A complaint I’ve heard is the metronome being a bit clunky.

I haven’t used this metronome, but Boss is everywhere. This metronome has been around for so long and drummers keep purchasing it. Reviews are mostly positive for this product.


  • Can be used in multiple settings with ease
  • Fun to use to really help build up your timing


  • The metronome is a bit clunky

6. Boss db-30 metronome 

Boss db-30 metronome

The compact BOSS DB-30 electronic metronome transcends its small stature to elevate musicians’ music with its impressive array of features.

Far surpassing mere timekeeping capabilities, this pocket-sized metronome delivers a diverse range of rhythm patterns and time feels for practicing in harmony. Moreover, it boasts a few additional timekeeping surprises that add to its allure.

Select your desired patternDelve into the extensive selection of rhythm types and beat variations offered by the DB-30.

With its menu comprising nine distinctive rhythm types and 24 beat variations, including captivating combinations of odd time signatures and enticing clave patterns ideal for practicing Latin rhythms, you have the opportunity to infuse your practice sessions with excitement and flair.

Break free from the notion that practice must be mundane and inject an extra dose of spice and groove into your next session with the DB-30!

Additional Features

Enhancing its appeal, the BOSS DB-30 offers an effortlessly gliding LCD needle that provides visual tempo guidance, accompanied by two vibrant LED lights that offer visual support during practice.

Supplementing these features are several helpful functions such as Tap Tempo, which swiftly helps you find the desired pulse, internal reference tones covering a range of 12 semitones, auto power off to conserve battery life, and a convenient headphone jack that ensures you won’t miss a beat, even in noisy environments.

Drummers have said this is the most versatile metronome they’ve used in years. It’s also priced just right for all the sweet and simple functionalities. A complaint I’ve heard is the volume could be better.

Besides making the DB-90, tons of great guitar pedals, and other gear, this could be one of the best metronome for drummers out there.


  • Extremely versatile metronome for long-time drummers
  • Priced just right for all the sweet and simple functions


  • Volume is lackluster

7. Korg MA-2 Metronome

Korg MA-2 metronome

Building upon Korg’s renowned line of top-tier accessories, the MA-2 emerges as an essential metronome tailored for orchestral instruments.

Evolving from its predecessor, the compact card-type electronic metronome, Korg MA-1, the MA-2 embodies further advancements.

As a comprehensive metronome unit, it proves indispensable for rhythm training, encompassing essential functions with finesse.

Beyond offering a broad tempo range and a generous selection of beats and rhythm patterns, it boasts user-friendly features, including an upgraded display, a distinctively loud and clear sound, and additional functionalities such as a timer mode.

Notable Features:

Heightened volume and clear sound to facilitate effortless detection

Incorporates “timer mode” and “sound out mode” for effective daily practice sessions

Revamped body design and enhanced functionality that caters to all rhythm training needs

Remarkable battery life, providing up to 400 hours of continuous usage

Drummers have said this is an effective and super affordable metronome. It also has various time signatures and a kick stand. I’ve heard a complaint of the click hurting drummers’ ears.

As I said with an earlier Korg metronome, they make great products. They are titans of the synthesizer, but I haven’t used this metronome. Reviews are generally positive.


  • Super affordable and effective metronome
  • Various time signatures and a kick stand


  • Click may be painful to ear after repeated use

8.  DeltaLab DMT-1 Digital Metronome

DeltaLab DMT-1 metronome

The DeltaLab DMT-1 digital metronome offers an array of indispensable functions catered to the needs of practicing musicians.

Compact and portable, this pocket-size metronome enables you to establish different tempos ranging from 30 to 360 BPM, which can be audibly heard through its built-in speaker.

With the flexibility to set beats per measure from 0 to 9, it covers a wide spectrum of time signatures. You’ll find a diverse selection of beat values and rhythm styles, encompassing quarter notes, eighth notes, sixteenth notes, triplets, and syncopation, ensuring versatility in your practice sessions.

Additionally, the DMT-1 includes a fine-tunable tone generator that produces precise pitches across a full octave, making it useful for instrument tuning and vocal training.

Drummers have said this is really portable and is a great buy for the price. A complaint I’ve heard is issues with the metronome tick functionality.

I haven’t really seen this product, except inside of Musician’s Friend and their catalog. I haven’t used it, but I would get it based off of the price and overall mostly positive reviews.


  • Extremely portable
  • Great buy for the price


  • Potential issues with the tick functionality

9. Pro Metronome 

Pro metronome, another one of the best metronome for drummers!
Pro Metronome App – Just search ‘Pro Metronome’ in the App store/Google store

Pro Metronome is an invaluable tool that empowers you to conquer daily practice sessions and stage performances alike.

With over 4 million users syncing to its beat, the app has revolutionized the way musicians stay in rhythm.

At its core lies an exceptionally precise, studio-quality metronome that has been further refined in version 3.13.

The free version of Pro Metronome is packed with an impressive array of features. It offers 13 distinct metronome tones, including a voice option.

Powered by their cutting-edge RTP (Real-Time Playback) technology, the metronome achieves an accuracy of ±20μs.

Customization is at the heart of Pro Metronome. You can modify beat tones, accents, and even the dynamics of your rhythm with options like “f,” “mf,” “p,” and “mute.”

The Pro Version unlocks even more capabilities, including subdivisions and polyrhythm settings. You can create intricate patterns with triplets, dotted notes, and non-standard time signatures.

The app supports various modes for experiencing beats. While the free version offers sound-based feedback, upgrading to Pro introduces Visual, Flash, Vibrate, and Airplay Modes.

Visual and Vibrate Modes prove beneficial when playing loud instruments or when you need to truly feel the beat.

Flash Mode utilizes your device’s camera flash to easily synchronize the entire band. Furthermore, Airplay Mode enables you to project the metronome onto a screen or Apple TV.

Pro Metronome goes beyond timekeeping; it also aids in training. The app features the innovative Rhythm Trainer, which mutes a selected bar within the beat, allowing your brain to fill in the gap and enhance your innate sense of timing.

This highly requested feature sets Pro Metronome apart from other apps on the market. Additionally, Pro Metronome offers a host of secondary features, including background play mode, in-app volume control, and the ability to save song and tempo playlists to share with friends.

With its powerful, elegant, and intuitive design, this app is an essential tool for modern musicians.

Musicians have said this app has helped them save time with all the functionalities it comes with. It’s also really enjoyable to use. A complaint I’ve heard is sometimes the app doesn’t want to keep the click track going when you open another application.

This is a great app and a must have for any musical instrument, especially drums.

Metronome apps are another thing to look at. This is the best metronome app for me, but there are tons out there. This one is my go to and I’ve been using it for several years and upgraded to the pro version a long time ago.

Just like a lot of the others, I could consider this the best metronome for drummers because it lives inside your phone via an application. I don’t know about you, but it’s nice to save space.


  • Saves you time with everything needed in one app on your phone
  • Actually enjoyable to use


  • Problems with application stopping when another app is opened

Best Metronome For Drummers Is ANY

Professional drummers and beginners alike will always need to practice with a click track behind the drum kit. So, a physical metronome or a digital one is all you need to have consistent tempo. 

Whether it’s any one of them mentioned on this list, or another one, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is you find a metronome that makes sense for you and just keep practicing.

What’s Your Click?

Do you have a favorite metronome? If so, did I mention it at all in this post? There are so many different metronomes out there, but I’d love to hear your thoughts or questions. Let me know in the comments below!

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